Fraud Litigation

Has a business partner or joint venture associate defrauded you? Were you cheated in the context of a partnership? Have you lost out financially after making investments? Did your business partner or the owner of a venture capital fund give you wrong information? Did he or she fail to inform you of essential facts?

You have the opportunity to right a wrong through legal action if you were cheated by a deal maker. Contact me, Carter L. Hampton in Fort Worth, to learn how I can advocate on your behalf. You may have a viable case if:

  • The other party made a material representation of fact.
  • He or she knew it was false.
  • You had good reason to believe the misrepresentation.
  • You were harmed after taking the action the other party was luring you to take.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

In financial dealings, partners and parties to transactions owe each other the duty of a complete and timely disclosure. If the other side in your matter breached those duties, this may have had a devastating impact on you who relied on the representation of facts or the omission of facts.

If you have sustained significant losses as a result of a breach of fiduciary duty in an investment venture, contract Hampton & Associates, P.C., to request a case review. I am attorney Carter L. Hampton. I have decades of experience in litigation including legal malpractice lawsuits. My experience has established my proficiency as an effective litigator. Many of my successes on behalf of past clients have earned me a place in the Texas Lawyer's Verdicts Hall of Fame.

Let me hear your story and determine whether you have a cause of action for a claim or lawsuit targeting the person or entity that defrauded you. Hampton & Associates, P.C., can represent you in pursuit of compensation for your losses. From law offices in Fort Worth, Texas, I represent clients nationwide. Your case will be in experienced hands with me, Carter L. Hampton, on your side.

In Case of a Breach of Fiduciary Duty in the Form of Investment Fraud, Explore Your Legal Options — Contact My Law Firm in Fort Worth, TX

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