Litigation Preparation and Risk Management for Law Firms

As a lawyer well-versed in ethics required of your law practice, do you need an objective review of your firm's vulnerabilities? Do you need to strengthen your position in litigation underway? You may have observed other law firms incur losses in legal malpractice claims. Now you detect potential weaknesses in your own. You may need to bring an ethics claim or a malpractice lawsuit against another law firm.

Whatever prompts your concern about your law firm's strengths and weaknesses, Hampton & Associates, P.C., is a source of insightful law firm reviews.

Prepare for Litigation — Prevent Troubles in Law Practice

Over several decades, I have demonstrated my proficiency in preventive strategies, including:

  • How to avoid missing deadlines, failure in discovery or gaps in disclosure to clients
  • How to build in checks and balances to prevent potentially harmful isolation of individual attorneys with an unhealthy lack of oversight
  • Preparation to bring ethics claims and legal malpractice lawsuits against other attorneys and law firms
  • Best practices in case management for efficiency, reliability and prevention of legal malpractice claims or ethical challenges
  • How to develop rules and guidelines for a law practice to ensure nearly bulletproof operations
  • How to select a legal malpractice insurer and ensure purchase of high enough liability coverage

Get Answers After Trouble Has Appeared

I also conduct reviews for law firms that have been accused of wrongdoing. I can help you discover:

  • What went wrong and how it happened
  • How to right the wrong with the least harm to the law firm
  • How to improve procedures and apply vigilance to prevent recurrence of complaints, claims or lawsuits
  • How to prevent conflicts of interest
  • How to prevent a breach of the standard of care that legal clients deserve
  • How to bolster argumentation in a plaintiff-side legal malpractice lawsuit

Inquiries Welcome | On-Site Reviews

I welcome your interest in our firm, representing plaintiffs in legal malpractice cases or other civil litigation matters.

I do not defend lawyers in such cases. Rather, I provide preventive and diagnostic counsel before, during or after the occurrence of claims or litigation.

I have trained and counseled thousands of attorneys in Texas and 25 other states, as well as in Canada and Costa Rica in seminars and through law firm reviews. Hampton & Associates, P.C., is available to tailor law firm reviews to suit individual needs.

Consult With Hampton & Associates, P.C., in Fort Worth, TX, to Request a Law Firm Review

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