Legal Malpractice Claims

When wronged parties seek out legal counsel and representation after suffering losses in the course of a lawsuit, it is important to work with an attorney highly experienced in the area of legal malpractice.

For a lawyer to sue another lawyer over defects in representation is a daunting task and only the most qualified should practice in this area. Hampton & Associates, P.C., brings experience spanning nearly four decades to the table.

With a track record of success and a depth of experience from various perspectives inside and outside of private law practice, I, Carter L. Hampton, can help you as a plaintiff or a plaintiff's lawyer to file a well-documented claim. As your attorney, I can bring a compelling lawsuit on your behalf.

Cases at Hampton & Associates, P.C., often involve issues such as the following:

  • Missed deadlines that caused unexpected outcomes in litigation or did not allow the litigation to move forward
  • An attorney's failure in discovery when he or she did not enlist appropriate experts or did not dig deep enough into available evidence
  • A lawyer's failure to disclose that he or she lacked proficiency in a particular area of the law that caused a bad decision to be made such as settling inappropriately
  • An attorney's breach of standard of care involving fees or other professional issues
  • An attorney's conflict of interest that compromised his or her ability to represent you in a particular case and could have a serious impact on the legitimacy of a claim

Hampton & Associates, P.C., in Fort Worth, TX, Has Ample Experience in Legal Malpractice Representation for Plaintiffs

Did an attorney or trustee commit an error or omission in your legal matter? Do you believe you have a legal malpractice claim? Explore your case's viability with the help of an experienced trial lawyer. Schedule a consultation about a legal malpractice claim. Call me, Carter L. Hampton, at 682-990-8080 or send an email message through this website.