Did Your Lawyer Lose Your Case After Missing a Deadline?

Missing a deadline is one of the most common, damaging types of negligence in law practice. Lawyers know through training and experience how important deadlines are.

Missing a deadline may mean overlooking a:

  • Statute of limitation
  • Critical timeline or sequencing in discovery

Missing a statute of limitation often means a client can no longer bring a claim. This can be a very costly, fatal error in litigation. Missing a deadline in discovery may take different forms in different cases, but the result will likewise be a dead end for legal processes.

A 'Fatal Error'

It was inexcusable for your attorney to miss a crucial deadline when your future hung in the balance. Unfortunately, many lawyers have committed this type of legal negligence. Sometimes the mistake can be overcome; other times a missed deadline causes irreversible harm to a case.

If your lawsuit has been ruined because your attorney missed a deadline — or if you are a lawyer representing a client in such a case — I, Carter L. Hampton in Fort Worth, can evaluate the facts and determine whether you have a viable damage claim. If I take your case, I am prepared to apply my years of experience to maximize your chances of a successful recovery.

Failure to Disclose the Error Makes a Situation Worse

Did your attorney who missed a deadline in your case compound the problem by failing to disclose the error to you? Glossing over or ignoring such a key element of the legal process is misleading and negligent. After your lawyer missed a deadline and neglected to inform you, wasteful legal fees kept piling up. You may have been deceived until it was too late to remedy the mistake.

Ask a Fort Worth, TX, Attorney at Hampton & Associates, P.C., to Evaluate Your Case

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