In Pursuit of Right Outcomes in Probate Litigation

Have you lost out of your rightful inheritance through breach of fiduciary duty or fraud by an executor or trustee? Get the legal advice you need to set matters straight. If an executor, trustee or administrator for your family member's estate breached his or her duties and you incurred losses, you may have a viable probate litigation case. I am Carter L. Hampton in Fort Worth, and I am available to evaluate your case.

I bring a wealth of experience and a strong track record of accomplishments to the table. I am a dedicated attorney who is prepared to work hard to protect your interests and advance your position as a plaintiff in a probate litigation matter. Bring your concerns to my attention. Let us review the facts together.

The administration of an estate involves well-defined roles and processes. Allow me to explain how I can help develop your case when any of the following wrongs caused you harm:

  • The will may be improper and should be contested.
  • The responsible party (the executor or trustee) did not exercise his or her duties for the benefit of the beneficiaries. He or she allowed other interests to interfere.
  • The executor or trustee did not treat beneficiaries equally as stipulated in the will or as otherwise expected.
  • The executor or trustee did not manage funds correctly or maintain proper records during the probate process.
  • The executor or trustee used assets of the estate for his or her own purposes rather than to protect the integrity of the estate.
  • He or she did not distribute assets in a timely manner.

I am Carter L. Hampton. I have built a sizable reputation in complex litigation in Texas and throughout North America, including probate and business litigation matters. I am available to evaluate cases, try cases and issue opinions as an expert witness for plaintiffs and lawyers for plaintiffs in lawsuits involving probate.

Consult With Hampton & Associates, P.C., in Fort Worth, TX, for Advice on Your Probate Litigation Matter

The first step is to determine whether an executor, trustee or other responsible party has breached a standard of care. A second, equally important step is to calculate your resulting losses. Discuss the necessary processes with me, Carter L. Hampton. Schedule a consultation by calling 682-990-8080 or sending an email.