Have You Thought About Suing the Other Side?

Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant in a lawsuit, you may have the bad fortune to face an opponent with a lawyer who commits professional misconduct of some kind.

The opposing counsel may engage in malicious prosecution — a clear sign of malpractice. Or the other side's attorney may support that side's position with forged documents as falsified evidence.

These are a couple of examples of potential causes for bringing a claim of legal malpractice against the other side.

If your intended lawsuit against the other side has merit, Hampton & Associates, P.C., is an ideal choice to handle your claim. I am Carter L. Hampton, a trial lawyer with decades of experience in complex litigation. During the early years of my career, I earned a place in the Texas Lawyer's Verdicts Hall of Fame as a result of record numbers of wins in the courtroom. My years of experience in diverse fields and endeavors have enhanced my readiness to evaluate your case and plan a winning strategy with you.

In a best-case scenario, you will recover compensation for your losses caused by a breach of ethics or mismanagement of litigation by the opposing lawyer. Your legal malpractice case against the other side may also set valuable legal precedents.

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